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About LSE Building

LSE Building is a family run business, severing clients in a 20 mile radius of Silsden, West Yorkshire. Established in 2010 by Luke Edgar, LSE Building is doing leaps and bounds to make their clients satisfied.

  • Website Design 100%
  • Mobile Responsiveness 100%
  • Optimization for Search Engines 100%
  • Complete Rebranding 100%
  • Offine Marketing Publication 100%

Old Website

LSE Building had no previous website, and no internet presence at all. In fact LSE Building had no branding either, just a trading name. The owner had images on his own Facebook profile of previous work they had completed, this was the only exsitstance of LSE Building on the web before coming to us.

New Website

The owner was seeking website because they are looking to grow their business and want to showcase their previous works and capabilities more professionally and dynamically. The goal with the new site was to keep things simple and really focus on the work photos to engage visitors and potential clients. We integrated contact forms in an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly site that is also 100% mobile responsive to provide a way for visitors to contact LSE Building easily. LSE Building now has a modern web platform that demonstrates their deep expertise and diversified services. For a closer look, check out LSE Building.

Branding and Offline Marketing

LSE Building wanted not just a website but to build a recognisable brand, so that visitors, clients and costumers could build up faith and trust with them.

The first step towards this was, to design a suitable logo for LSE Building. They wanted a logo that would be appropriate for use on darker coloured backgrounds. After only some initial input from the owner, a darft was decided on and the logo came to life.

Following the logo we worked with LSE Building to develop a coherent color scheme for the brand. After which the designing of the website and offline marketing materials was completed to provide LSE Building with a professional edge.

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